Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Photo Booth work?

Our open air booths are extremely easy to operate. Guests normally locate themselves  in front of the booth and follow screen directions. Typically the touch screen will have option to choose between Color and Black & White, with color being the default. Guests will see themselves in the live feed on the screen and can position themselves. The screen will display a prompt directing the user to press the Start button. Once this is done the screen will display a countdown and  arrows will prompt guests to look at the camera located just above the screen. Depending on the selected photo layout, several pictures will be taken, each preceded by a countdown indicator. When the selected number of pictures has been taken, guests will be directed to exit the booth and collect the photo strips, which will be available in a few seconds.

If a guest book/scrap book has been requested, our attendant will assist guests in placing a copy of the strip in the guest/scrap book and writing comments as needed.

Our attendant will be available at all times to assist guests with the process

Can guests choose between Color or Black & White photos at the event or do I need to make prior arrangements?

By default the Color option is selected but guests can change to Black & White before the pictures are taken; this allows guests the flexibility of selecting whichever option they want in real-time.

How many guest can fit into the photo booth at one time?

Our Open Air design allows for as little as 1 or as many as can fit in front of the booth. Our design allows easy access by all including children and wheelchair bound guests.

How many pictures are printed during each session?

We pre-select a default number of prints but our on-site attendant can print additional prints so each guest in the session has a print of their own.

How many sessions are run during the event

We allow unlimited sessions during the pre-arranged event time.  At peak operation we can run between 40 and 50 sessions per hour. The number of guests will determine the booth time required  to ensure that all guests go through the booth.

Can I get the original photos and/or order reprints

At the end of the event, the client gets a DVD with of all the pictures taken at the event.  We also have a pass-worded gallery where guests can browse through the event photos and order reprints/enlargements. We also load selected event pictures to our Facebook page after the client has had a chance to review all the event pictures and select the photos they want (or don’t want) displayed.

How much space is needed for the Photo Booth?

Because of the Open Air design, we have a lot of flexibility as far as space needed, depending on the backdrop selected and how many guests you want to fit at one time. At the low-end we need an area approximately 6 feet by 8 feet.  If you want us to set up the booth for 2 or 3 guests at a time we can reduce the footprint. If a guest/scrap book station has been requested, and additional 6 foot table will be needed to assemble the book. An electrical outlet is required within 10 feet of the booth location.

Can you accommodate special requests?

We work with our clients to ensure that the services we provided  exceed their expectations. We can accommodate any reasonable request, provided we have enough lead time to configure our equipment.

What is your Service Area?

Our service area is the Kansas City Metropolitan area; although we will consider work outside our area. There is no charge for the first 25 miles from Olathe, Kansas; any distance beyond that will be incurred an additional mileage surcharge.

What is the cost  of renting a Photo Booth?

We firmly believe that each client is unique and as such has different requirements. We prefer to visit with you on how we can provide the service that will make you event memorable and create, as our name indicates, Classic Memories.

Our services start at $400.00 and vary depending on the scope of services required.  Once we know the type and duration of your event, as well as the services you want, we will provide a firm quote. You can be assured that we are competitive with other providers of comparable services – we have to be, to stay in business – however, we will not compromise the quality of our services just to match a low price for non-comparable services.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

or contact us via e-mail at: